Ranges are Open:

Monday-Saturday: 8AM- Sunset

Sunday: 9AM- Sunset


Rifle, Pistol, Plinking, and Archery Ranges
Something for Everyone

The Rifle, Pistol, and Plinking Ranges can be found at the North End of the Quarry.  Each range has target holders and each range has metal targets. These metal targets will only last if they are used properly.  Metal targets on the plinking range are not meant to be shot with pistol or rifle caliber ammunitions.  Only members are permitted to use the range. Guests can be on the range but may not do anything other than watch the member they are with. While our volunteers do all they can to maintain the ranges, the fact of the matter is that it is imperative for the members to use the ranges with respect if they expect them to remain in a usable condition.   

Important Information

It is imperative that Range Rules are followed. Anyone not following the range rules will be expelled and membership will be revoked. 

Membership Lanyards should be worn on the range at all times.  Everyone on the range must sign in.

Full Range Rules are Here

Range Closed