Tri-Boro Sportsmen

Fishing and Boating

2018 Fish Stocking Dates:

 Kids Contest- April 21 (Changed from April 7),  Adult Contest- April 14,  River Stocking (Tentative) May 26

The quarry located on Tri-Boro's property is about one-quarter mile long and ranges in depth from 40 feet at the southern end (pictured) to 95 feet at the northern end.  The quarry is home to trout, large and small mouth bass, sunfish, perch and crappy.  The big fish are usually caught here if you are lucky enough to hook into one.

    The quarry is also home to a boat ramp located to the right of the picture.  The boat storage area has been redone and includes a chain for boats to be locked onto.  Please lock your boats.  There have been instances of theft recently at the dock.

NOTE: THE ICE ON THE QUARRY IS NEVER SAFE TO WALK ON!!! Anyone caught on the ice will be suspended. 

The Lehigh River runs parallel toTri-Boro for the entire length of the property.  The Lehigh produces excellent trout fishing in spring and great small mouth fishing during the summer months.  Suckers, muskies, river chums, and eels have been caught in the river. 

The Lehigh also is home to a boat ramp located directly in front of the main building.  It has undergone recent improvements including widening and the addition of a concrete retaining wall on the right of the picture.  The same type of wall is due to be installed on the left side of the ramp in the coming year.


The canal runs almost the entire length of the property.  Unfortunately the section to the south of the entrance bridge is closed to fishing due to safety concerns.  Everything north of the roadway is free game for members. The canal is great for fishing in early spring but fish can be caught in it during the entire open year.  Trout, crappy, perch, sunfish, catfish, pickerel, large mouth and small mouth bass can be caught in the canal. 

No boating is permitted in the canal. Ice Fishing is only permitted north of the campgrounds.  Any activities performed on the ice are at your own risk.