Tri-Boro Sportsmen


Membership Renewals are now open for 2019. Renew by March 1 to avoid late fees. A $5 late fee will be assessed after March 4 through March 23. After March 23, a $10 late fee will be assessed through April 14. After this time, and through summer the late fee will be $15. We are accepting applications for new members as well. 

NEW POLICY- All new members will fill out an application which must be approved at our monthly meeting held the first Thursday of the month.  Membership cards will not be issued until approval is granted at the meeting so a waiting period of up to 30 days may occur.  Notifcation of acceptance will be mailed, at which time a membership card can be filled out at the restaurant during normal business hours.

 Tri-Boro Membership is open for certain periods throughout the year.  The best time to purchase a Tri-Boro membership is during the renewal period which begins November 1 and lasts through February 28/29 every year.  New memberships can be purchased through June, but you are really cutting down the time before you have to renew again.  Also, remember to renew before the renewal date to avoid a $5 late fee from March 1 through 15 and a $10 late fee from March  16-31.  After March 31, even renewals revert to the new price of $50.

Membership Prices

New- $50

Renewal- $20

Fishing $10 extra

Boating $10 extra

Ranges $20 extra

Children 12 & under - $15 (Fishing Boating Included)  Range $20 Extra

Membership can be purchased at the Restaurant during regular business hours which are Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 5-9PM as well as Saturday and Sunday from 11AM- 7PM.

(Membership is extremely difficult to do during special events such as the 5K, or larger events, so if possible please hold off until another day if you can. We will do the best we can to accommodate you.)

Tri-Boro Sportsmen

Family Membership



w/ all options


w/all options

Before Family Option

Family of 2- (Husband, Wife,  Fiance’, Girlfriend)



New- 180

Renewal- 120

Family of 3- (Same as above + 1 child)



New- 215

Renewal- 155

Family of 4- (Same as above + 2 children)



New- 250


Family of 5- (Same as above + 3 children)



New- 285

Renewal- 225

***Note: Renewing without the Range Option is the same as prior years.


The family membership is designed to encourage more families to get their children involved in hunting, fishing, and the outdoors in general.  A general rule for the family membership is that only the first member pays for the application fee ($30) and no one after the first member pays for the range option(most expensive).   

-                    The family membership must be purchased at one time for proper processing. 

-                    No one can be added to the family throughout the year.

-                    One boat permit will be issued per family. 

-                    The family membership includes all options for each family member.

-                    Children are 15 years or younger.  Children 16 years or older can no longer be a part of the family plan.

In the event of a single parent family:




Single Parent +1 Child



Single Parent + 2 Children



Single Parent + 3 Children